Composer, Ph.D.

Solo Works

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Lonely Road for Solo Guitar (2018, 8'30")

Games for Solo Piano (2017, 10')

SA Sketches for Solo Cello (2017, 8'30")

Fantasia on A illusionary dream by riverside for Solo Clarinet (2016, 4'30")

Rhapsody Toccata for Solo Piano (2014, 10')

Blue Ridge Sketches for Solo Piano (2014, 6')

Chasing Shadows for Solo Saxophone (2013, 5')

Summer Night in A Deep Valley for Solo Clarinet (2012, 5')

Sheng Sheng Man for Solo Guitar (2011, 1')

Twelve Signs for Solo Viola (2008, 15')

Five Essences for Solo Organ (2007, 14’)

Among Gardens for Solo Piano (2006, 9’)

Huan for Solo Harp (2005, 8’)


Chamber Works

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Taiwan Miniatures for String Octet (2017, 6'30")

Black and White for Viola and Piano with percussion (2015, 10')

Voyage for Oboe, Clarient, and Bassoon (2015, 9')

Urban Sketches for Clarinet, Cello, Piano and Electronics (2013, 11')

Steps for Oboe, Violin, Cello and Piano (2012, 6')

Sparkle for Brass Quintet (2011, 5')

Romance for Violoncello and Piano (2010, 10')

Journey to the West for String Quartet (2010, 17')

Folk Suite for Violin and Harp (2008, 8')

Sextet for Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Violin, Viola and Violoncello (2008, 6')

Sea-blue Flowing Mountain Breakdown for Flute, Viola, Violoncello and Piano (2008, 10')

Reverie and Pursuit for Tuba and Piano (2007, 10')

Serenity and Agility for Double Bass and Piano (2007, 8’)

Zhi for Violin and Piano (2005, 8’)

Moods for Oboe and String Quarter (2004, 14’)

Dinkey Bird for Flute, Violoncello and Piano (1999, 8’)

Contrast for Saxophone Quartet (1999, 11’)

Contrast for Oboe and Piano (1999,8’)


Orchestral Works

Xuan Zang for French Horn and Orchestra (2011, 17')

Shan Ko (Mountain Song) for Orchestra (2009, 9')

Feng Nian Ji (Harvest Festival) for Orchestra (2008, 11'30'')

Fantasy on Wang Bao Chuan for Orchestra (2006, 10’30'')

Hard Roads in Shu for Chamber Orchestra (2005, 6’30’’)

Apocalypse for Full orchestra (2000, 7’)

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Vocal Works

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Kyrie for Chorus (SATB) (2015, 4'30")

Song of Myself for Contralto, flute, oboe, clarinet, viola, percussion, and Piano (2013, 2'40")

Song of Life for Soprano, Bass and Piano (2009, 24')

Shui Diao Ge To for Double Chorus and Piano four Hands (2004, 5’30’’)

Whispers of Heavenly Death for Baritone & Piano (2000, 8’)


Works for Wind Ensemble

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Land of Blugold for Wind Symphony (2016, 14')

Fanfare for JS for Brass Ensemble and Percussion (2016, 3'30")

Jie Ching for Wind Symphony (2014, 9’30")

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